Participants reported the benefits of prayer and other ritual practices for nourishing feelings of inner peace, spiritual centred-ness, connection with God, and self-knowledge. Prayers were also seen to increase health and wellbeing. The place set aside for religious practice was experienced as an emotional space, with one participant reporting that it helped in ‘recharging the spiritual batteries’. These practices shape the foundation of Muslim identity, values, and worldview from which other relationships and social ties follow:

I guess a lot of us are striving to find that inner peace and… connection, and when you find that within you, that’s something that connects you with your family, your friends and the broader community.
— Amira, 32, Pakistani background female, born in Australia, Melbourne
I think that the praying is a form of timeout and it is just the chance to recharge. … If I’m praying … the physical action means I’ve got to imagine I’m talking to my Lord now and it sort of pushes everything else out of your mind – so for me it’s a timeout and it’s a way to sort of really be disciplined and really focussed on myself.
— Wasila, Indonesian background female, born in Australia, Melbourne